31 August 2011


In this previous entry, I mentioned that I am raising money for me to go to Oaxaca, Mexico to help build a school. (And I'm super excited to go~!) I received some great ideas for fundraising and I'm doing a tweak on the "Homemade Sale"...

I'm offering Art Commissions of you, your daughter/son, or niece/nephew as:
  • Their favorite super hero
  • A princess
  • A character in their favorite show
  • Or in a popart style
The cost is only $25 (for one person with a simple background) and you'll get a high-resolution 8x10 drawing of the person in the photo. (And not to mention that the money is going to a great cause!) This is opened up to the first 30 commissions received.

If you would like a drawing with more than one person contact me and we'll discuss the project and the cost.

The drawings will have a simple background, if you would like to request a detailed background email me and we'll discuss the project and the cost.

Here's two examples:

Here's a childhood picture of my brother Mike

Here's childhood Mike as the Green Lantern (Yes, Mike I realized at the end the ring is on the wrong hand - Don't worry, I'll try very hard not to make those minor mistakes on your commissions)

Here's my best friend Miriam

And this is in my pop art style

Here's how it works:
  1. You will email me (neffie (at) gmail (dot) com) or comment on this post to request a commission, provide a photo reference of the said person, and what you want them turned into (their favorite superhero, princess, TV show / movie, etc.) At this time let me know if you would like a different size than the 8x10.
  2. I may ask for additional information concerning the person in the photo (i.e. favorite color, etc)
  3. Once payment is received you will be added to the commission list. I'll send you an email containing your number on the list and an estimated timeframe of completion
  4. Once completed I'll email the high-resolution drawing to the email address you have provided
Disclaimer: The funds raised will go to the cost I need to go to Oaxaca. If extra funds are raised those funds will go to my tuition.


Laura said...

We want an ironman and a superman with laser eyes. I will send you pictures!

Laird said...

We need lily for the wall of pictures.

Sherri said...

I will take some...I'm thinking 5...but I need to talk to my kids and see what they want, then I will send you pictures...for payment do I just mail a check to you or the organization???

Sherri said...

By the way this is super fun way to ask for donations to your great cause. Everyone wins! We get awesome customized pictures and you get to raise the money needed for your project! Thanks!!! =)

neffie said...

Thanks Sherri! I've sent you an email with the information :-)

Laura said...

I've blogged you! http://6lalas.blogspot.com/2011/09/want-some-really-personalized-cool-art.html

Love you!

Charlene said...

I'm game! I'm thinking Braden as a Lego man, and Lexi as a princess...let's talk!

charlsmith at comcast dot net, or give me a call!

dmaggiemay said...

cash or check, what's your address?

neffie said...

Thanks! Charlene I've sent you an email both of those ideas are going to be fun!

Debbie I've sent you a msg on FB for us to talk... if that's not the correct Debbie email me at neffie at gmail dot com.

The Mudmom said...

super GREAT idea...if you have room for 3 more, count me in. I have 2 boys that want to be super hero-ified and a girlie that may want to be Pink Pather...LOL my email is dina_love at sbcglobal dot net