08 August 2011

I need your help...

Do you have any fundraising ideas?

I have the opportunity to help build a school in Oaxaca, Mexico this November. My work is working with a local organization called The Friends of Pimpollo. Work is paying the program fees and transportation in Mexico while I need to purchase airfare and lodging.

So I need some ideas to raise the money needed. My goal is $1500 and I've already done the "Appeal Letter" fundraiser and I received several donations, but I need to do something else to raise the remaining funds.

Any ideas?

Thank you!


Lesley Ann said...

How about a sponsored something? Like a walk, hike, run, cycle, bake, type of thing?

Or how about a craft sale? Sell some home made jewellery, cards, art etc?

Get people to sponsor you to give up something for a week, like tv or the internet, or your cell phone?

Laura said...

I have money for you! I forgot to give it to you Sunday.

I like Lesley's idea about a homemade sale. You are so talented!! I'll help you get the word out! :-)

neffie said...

Those are brilliant ideas! How come I didn't think of them? :) LOL

Thank you so much! Laura I'm going to take you up on the offer. I already some jewelry made and I can make more. Sweet, we're going to make this work!

Sherri said...

My friend raised $85,000 in 3 months, for similar reasons...I'll ask her how! I would say...turn to other churches...there are lots of people wanting to help...and they are in all denominations! =)