18 August 2011

New Car & Seattle!

I haven't mentioned it on here but I FINALLY found a car! It's so nice too - drives smooth and is super roomy. I've had it for about a month now and I love it. The only downside is it's an automatic. I prefer manuals because then I can pretend I'm a race car driver as I speed up to get on the freeway - I don't know why, but I always do that.

Anyways, since I now have wheels I went up to Seattle to visit my brother the last weekend of July. I already had the trip planned but after reading this lovely blog post about the Aladdin play by Ardith I did two things: 1. Asked Steve if he wanted to see it 2. Looked up the 5th Ave theatre to see if tickets were still available.

Steve cracks me up.... he always makes a face when it's time to take his photo.

We both LOVED the play! They did a great job bringing the movie to the stage and boy was it funny.

As we left the theatre we saw this awesome Duck boat/car. Wouldn't you love to be on the water in this? It would be so cool.

We did some quick walking around downtown Seattle after dinner. Steve has transferred from Anchorage and hasn't had a chance to explore Seattle so I took him to the gum alley. You have to visit the gum alley when you're there! It's the unspoken rule. :-)


Lesley Ann said...

Gum Alley looks totally awesome, yet totally gross at the same time!!

Ardith Haws said...

I was thrilled you were able to get tickets and see the show! And I am delighted that you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Sherri said...

Oh yuck! Gum alley??? Seriously??? I love Seattle..and I will have to go chew some gum...and leave it!

I love plays...Aladdin would be awesome! I have to admit...i'm jealous!

You never said what kind of car you got????

I'm glad Steve is close now..you all seem to have so much fun together!

Laura said...

Love your pictures! Love your car! Love that you got to spend the weekend with Stevie-Poo! :-)

Rita said...

Impressive! You actually managed to make gum alley look artistic.

neffie said...

Ardith - I wanted to see the show again. I'm glad I read your blog entry about it or else I would have never looked if tickets were available.

Sherri - They have a bumble gum machine tucked in one of the doorways - just in case you forgot your gum. I got a Hyundai Sonata. I like it!

Rita - Thank you! It is a bit of a disgusting alley... LOL