17 August 2011

They're baaaaaack

I find it amusing that when people hide behind anonymity that their stupidity and rash judgments come pouring out. I think anonymous users are Satan's helpers because they say hurtful things to tear you down - a person they either know or don't know.

Luckily I had a self-discovery trip to Scotland and my confidence grew tremendously from it. So the comment doesn't hurt me, but I don't like stupidity and rash judgments. Therefore, I like to explain situations and in the process point out the stupidity and rash judgments one makes.

You may be wondering what comment I'm referring to, someone had a problem with me being "disrespectful" and "lazy" by wearing jeans to my friend's reception. So I'm going to tell you a story:

Once upon a time my friend was getting married. The night before the wedding, her mother, father, a couple of nephews, and two friends (Me and Erika) setup the reception. We did all we could that night. Her mother did the linens the morning of and was planning on skipping or leaving the luncheon early to blow up balloons and to finish the decorating. The wedding day arrived and it was HOT! After a beautiful Temple sealing and wedding we waiting outside for the bride and groom to emerge.

The little kids were now tired and the heat wasn't helping any. After the photos were taken the bride's sister decided she needed to take her kids home. Since she was going to miss the luncheon she was going to blow up the balloons. I decided to help her which allowed the mother of the bride to fully attend the luncheon. (I thought it was important that the mother of the bride fully enjoyed the day as well)

Once a good number of balloons were blown up and floating lovingly in the air, I stepped outside to decorate the entrance steps. Just as I was finishing the last railing I stepped on my skirt ripping the last tier. I only packed the one skirt, so I had to change into my jeans. (luckily my suitcase was there). After changing I went back to help setting up.

Did the bride have a problem that I changed into jeans? Not at all. In fact, she was appreciative of everything I did and she felt bad that I ripped my skirt. I proceeded to tell her that she can't feel bad on her wedding day and I can easily fix it once I'm home.

Now time for the moral of the story -

Moral #1 - You should not judge events based on photos because they may make you look stupid. No matter where you see the photos - on someone's personal blog, the tabloids, etc. You do not know what happened before and/or after the photo was taken.

Moral #2 - If you blog and you have rude anonymous comments just say "Get thee hence Satan!" and don't let them hurt you. You can bring their stupidity to light or just ignore them.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day because I sure know I am!!


Nancy said...

Well said Stephanie!!!

Kim said...

I don't see any comments so you must've removed them? Good! People can be so ridiculous and judgemental. I'm sorry you've had to deal with these idiots but I'm glad you have a good attitude about it and hopefully they feel mighty stupid when they read this post!

neffie said...

I didn't approve it Kim. I have defensive friends that would tell that person an earfull and I didn't want to give the troll / Satan's helper any fun in battling with my friends. :-)

Mary De Bastos said...

Oh, I don't see anything! Some people feel the need to put others down. Good for you on just moving on! Sorry you're still getting anonymous crap!

Ivon said...

I have seen your family in action too! Love you.

neffie said...

Mary! How have you been?! Is Mr. Sebastian still wonderful? (Ps can't believe he'll be 7 months soon!) Hope you're doing great!

Sherri said...

Great story!!!
And Morals!!!

Laura said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Someone needs to get a life and find some happiness. I'm sorry your S.H. is at it again, but I'm so proud of you for how you're handling it. She must be one miserable soul, if making rotten, nit picky, judgmental, anonymous comments, is how she get her kicks. Love you chica.

meesteryoung said...

You should've approved it. Sarah told me about it and I logged on to kick some anonymous @$$ but there was no comment for me to rip apart. Next time approve so friends and family can open up a can of Whoop @$$.

neffie said...

Laura - who knows if it's the same person or not. If it was that's VERY sad.

Mike - That's exactly why I didn't approve it :-)

Charlene said...

Good for you! :)

Can you bottle some of your attitude and sell it? I could use some....