06 September 2011

Berlin Trip - About time!

Back in March I posted that I was visiting Berlin for a couple of days. I had a wonderful time but I never posted about it! Well I did one small post, but never anything in detail and I figured it's about time. Here's my trip:

Going to the Neues Museum was my top priority. (What can I say, I'm a wee bit of a nerd.) So I had to visit Museum Island. (Sadly I was only able to make it to the one museum.)

Here are some other lovely images from the museum:

This coin is from Charlemagne's time. The coin is protected and can be viewed through a viewfinder.

Brandenburg Gate in Pariser Platz

Even Darth Vader enjoys Berlin!

To be continued.....


Sherri said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!
I love seeing all your trip picture...absolutely awesome!

Ivon said...

I will visit Berlin one of these days. Love you.

Laura said...

Awesome photos! I love that Darth Vader got in on the action too.