21 September 2011


I was doing a good job last week getting my blog all caught up, but I've slacked this week. I've been working hard on art commissions and I've still been able to accomplish some fun things the past few weeks. Here are my top 3:

1. I finally finished the very first hat I made in my hat class! (During my class I was working on several pieces since I don't have any hat blocks, steamer, etc) Yay for tackling the "unfinished projects" bin.

2. I bought tickets to attend Portland Fashion Week. I've been wanting to attend for a couple of years now and I finally made it happen this year. I'm excited because one of the shows I'll be seeing is Seth Aaron's. Seth Aaron won Project Runway a couple seasons ago. (I'll post pictures from this night when it happens)

3. I went to see Pirates of Penzance at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival - it was AMAZING!! (I'll be posting pictures soon)

Hope everyone else is having a great week!


Sherri said...

Can I please ask for you forgiveness...I found my Stephanie envelope in my purse. I am in the middle of a move...I'm preggo..and I am mindless! Please don't charge me double!!! I promise to get it too you....SOON!

neffie said...

No worries. I won't be charging you double :-) I didn't know you were preggo! congrats!!! :-) And good luck on the move.