23 October 2011

Catch Up

It dawned on me today that my Mexico trip is right around the corner. And I mean RIGHT around the corner (only a few more weeks!) I was hoping to be caught up with blogging my Europe adventure by now... but I've been slacking. My goal is to be caught up before I leave.

My hold-up is that I haven't finished going through my photos. So I have created a plan:

1. Tonight, Monday and Tuesday evening I'll spend some time to go through my photos
2. I'm going to start posting them on Wednesday

I have photos from Scotland still (like the Highlands), Italy (Milan, Florence, Pisa, Rome, the Vatican, Pompeii, Venice), Paris, and Iceland (Reykjavik & the Blue Lagoon). And of course all the fun stuff I've done since being back!

I am so behind.... I haven't even blogged about seeing Pirates of Penzance at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (which was SOOO good!) or Portland Fashion Week (which I had a blast at!)

So far behind..... Time to get that plan into action.

In other news, this picture just breaks my heart!

This little guy, who luckily was rescued, is so afraid! You can tell just by looking at him. There is a black market for baby gorillas and the only way the poachers could have gotten him is by killing the parents (and possibly other gorillas in the process). The article is here.


Laura said...

Can't wait for your blog posts!!

Cute gorilla- so sad. :-(

Sherri said...

Love the picture!
I am so behind...I haven't sent the check for the pictures that my kids are dying to get...plus you need the mulaaaa for Mexico...come on Sherri....get with it!

Nancy said...

I love seeing your pictures.... So sad about the baby gorilla.