25 October 2011

Pillow fight!

This is Susan and Allan Duncanson. They're AMAZING! (and they have an adorable family!)

They invited me over for an American Thanksgiving and a girls movie night (with Mary and Bronwen)... but this post isn't about either one of those activities.

They invited me to a picnic and due to my transportation it was decided that I needed to spend the night. And this post is about the evening before the picnic because it cracks me up!

And here's the quick lead in:

The missionaries from the Motherwell ward stopped by for dinner and a spiritual message (we're going to refer them as Elder 1 and Elder 2). Elder 1 had been serving in the Motherwell Ward for 9 months and had "starred" in the Motherwell Play for the Glasgow Stake Road Show (I wish our stake still did the road show). After the spiritual message Elder 1 talked them into playing it so Elder 2 can see his wonderful acting. Honestly, he didn't have to talk them into it too hard. Not long after watching it pillows started flying between the three little girls and the two Elders....

I'm pretty sure Elder 1 started it. Elder 2 didn't know what to think and didn't know if he should get involved.

Elder 2 decided to pick up a pillow... but not quite fully into it.

This is my favorite shot! Yes, I got hit with a pillow.

Now it's ON - full blown war!

Hannah got tired of the pillow fight, but unfortunately they weren't stopping. So she decided to take the pillows as they landed and hid them in her chair. She was hoarding them like squirrels hoard nuts for the winter.

A ceasefire was declared. BUT the Elders may have done a sneak attack and then ran away.... May have.

They're such a fun family! I'm so glad I was able to meet them and count them as friends. (They now have a new addition to their family! I'm so happy for them) Allan is a photographer who introduced me to blipfoto, which I've been majorly slacking on....

Up next - The picnic at Polkemmet Country Park (the coolest park EVER!)


Sherri said...

That is awesome! I love a good pillow fight!

Nancy said...

I bet this pillow fight came as a surprise!!! Missionarys look so innocent........;)

Laura said...

So fun!! What a fun memory!