28 October 2011

Polkemmet Country Park

This park was SO much fun! There's a mini zip-line, battery ram thing, and other cool toys at this park. Fun for adults and kids! It was WINDY and cold so the picnic ended up moving inside the Motherwell church building, so the park fun didn't last forever.

This is the adorable Heather and Hannah.

I can see my nephews having fun on this! The kids go inside and then someone (usually the Dads) spin it VERY fast.

Told you it was windy.

This is the battery ram thingy. (it was awesome!)

You can get it going very fast... unless there's a little kid that doesn't know how to hang on properly and keeps getting off and back on. And then you're think, "Make up your mind kid I want to go fast!" That may have happened to us.

These are like see-saws but BETTER! If you're mean spirited you can jump off quickly and make the other person go flying. That may have happened on accident to Hannah and it really was an accident, the kid on the other side fell off.

Look at this cute shot of Hannah that I lucked into.


Laura said...

I want to take my man clan there!! Wow, that looks so fun!!

Nancy said...

Looks fun!!

Sherri said...

We can't ever pass up a super duper cool park!

Allan said...

Love the photos! What great models you had. ;)