20 February 2012

Birthday time for Madison

Yesterday was my Madison's birthday and my day off. Madison is the giggliest niece I have. Since it was my day off I took her out to lunch!

I took her to Gerry Frank's Konditorei, which is oh so yummy. On our way there I discovered that Madison has never had a croissant. Which evoked a conversation similar to "Girl, whaaaa? You've never had a croissant?!?!" I'm pleased to report that she has now had a croissant and likes it.

See? She's a giggly girl! Notice that super cool giraffe skirt? Yep, I made that as her birthday gift.


Laura said...

What a fun birthday outing! She looks adorable in the skirt you made. You're an awesome aunt!!

Nancy said...

She is a giggly one !!!!! Happy birthday Madison!!