20 February 2012

Egypt - King Tut

Last night I caught the last half of a 2010 documentary called King Tut Unwrapped and it was really interesting.

They discovered that his left foot was deteriorating and would have been extremely painful. (Which then made sense as to why he was buried with so many walking sticks.)

They had his DNA analyzed for known diseases of the time and they discovered he had malaria. I can't remember the type of Malaria but the worse kind there is. (Which then made sense as to why he was buried with a bunch of different seeds - for example one of the types of seeds was a fever reducer.)

Ancient Egypt fascinates me and I've always been drawn to King Tut.

I don't know if it's because the mystery and circumstances that surround him and his discovery... whatever it is I LOVE it!

(image from wikipedia.org)

And I may have gotten teary-eyed when I was in the Cairo Museum looking at King Tutankhamun's gold burial mask. What? I don't judge you.

PS - This also explains why I would plan a trip to Berlin, Germany just to visit a museum to see the beautiful bust of Nefertiti. And oh man, it was beautiful in person!


Nancy said...

Follow those dreams, I'm glad you have taken these opportunities in your travels to see what you love. After all we can only take our memories with us and you'll have novels in your memory to enjoy!!

Sherri said...

This is amazing! Your have so much adventure in your life...I love to hear all about it!

Laura said...

I'm so glad you were able to take this trip! One of these days, I hope to follow in your footsteps!