25 February 2012

It's about freaking time 3 of 9

Our next stop bright and early in the morning was Firenze! (aka Florence)

Oh, how I loved Florence. I would love to go back and spend days here. It was such a beautiful city. No tour this time. We decided to wander around ourselves. We did see the Statue of David but we did miss the Uffizi Gallery since the train fiasco interrupted our morning itinerary. But we'll just put that on the "next time" list.

We ate a lot of gelato. We did a taste test in every city we to. How else are we to figure out who had the best?

You know, it's amazing to see items you learned about in art history so up and close. And of course pictures never truly do it justice.


Laura said...

LOVE the photos!! AND, who has the best gelato?

Sherri said...

That door is awesome!!
All of it is awesome...I just love massive doors!

Nancy said...

Florence is known for its leather, beautiful purses etc. in the outdoor markets. And then there's the statue of David!!! Unbelievable......so beautiful!!!!