12 March 2012

It's about freaking time 8a of 9

It's time for Paris!  (Yep I finished book 4 and didn't start book 5 yet.  I'm almost done with my list which means soon I'll be able to start reading again!  If this makes no sense then this link may help.)

I have lots of photos in Paris because I had a wonderful time.  I have narrowed it down as much as possible but I still have to do multiple posts - hope that's ok!

Poor, poor JoElla.  Paris was definitely kinder to me than to her.  She got MAJORLY sick, like going to the hospital in Paris sick.

You know The Thinker? (The statue that is thinking?)  Well, this is his butt.

This picture is so fitting.  You see the girl on the back of the bus making this face :-o and you see how it's next to the Egyptian obelisk?  That's how I am when it comes to Egyptian antiquities :-)

Wahoo!  More to come!


Nancy said...

I loved your pictures of Paris.......it's a beautiful city!

Laura said...

Love, love, LOVE!!