22 April 2012

It's about freaking time 9a of 9

ICELAND!!  I enjoyed a very short trip to Reykjavik, Iceland and I want to visit again.  Sometime in the future I'll make it happen.  (But most likely it won't happen until I'm done with school.)

In 1986 a summit was held here with President Reagan and Gorbachev

A lot of birds were just kicking it in the ocean / harbor.  It was a bit windy this evening.

Notice the window?  HAHAHA

There were some locations with a lot of cool graffiti.

You will be assimilated.  Resistance is futile.  What can I say, I'm a nerd.

As the wind would hit this "mountain" the top would change from silver to the dark grey color.... it was pretty cool.

This is church has an observation deck, but sadly it was already closed when I arrived.  

The statue is of explorer Leif Eriksson (regarded as the first European to reach North America and was 500 years before Christopher Columbus) and was a gift from the United States in 1930 commemorating the 1000th anniversary of Iceland's parliament at Thingvellir. (Thank you wikipedia)

Next time, whale watching and the Golden Circle Tour.....


Nancy said...

Maybe someday I'll get to visit Iceland....

Laura said...

I love these posts! I don't want them to end!