23 April 2012

It's about freaking time 9b of 9

This was a long day but a great one.  Went on a whale watching tour, which I was super excited for because I dream of seeing Humpback whales frolicking in the ocean.  The day was beautiful!

Besides beautiful landscapes and a beautiful day I saw a whole lot of nuthin when it came to the whales.

And then we were off on a tour of the Golden Circle...

Look, Icelandic horses.

We stopped off at Thingvellir.  Parliament was established here in 930 AD and there's another reason that this place is interesting...

As the tour guide put it 'we were in no-man's land.'  Why?  On the left is the North American plate and on the right is the Eurasian plate.

This is the Gullfoss and it's amazing!  Beware the spray will still get you wet :-)

Then off to an area full of hot springs and geysers. 

Strokkur often shoots up, once it's done the hole fills in again and you wait for the next time.

Sometimes it's small.....

Sometimes it's HUGE

This area is covered with hot springs....

I was walking the path and hearing water boiling.  They're not kidding, this stuff is hot!

We also stopped off at Kerid, which is a big hole left by a volcano.

We also drove through a small community that has to build double basements (or something like that) to protect the house from hot springs.  See this hole that's fenced off?  That used to be someone's house.  He woke up one morning and it was really hot for some reason.  A hot spring formed under his sofa.

To be continued.... my last morning in Iceland.


Nancy said...

This is so interesting! Kind of like Yellowstone in a way.

Laura said...

Your photos are amazing!!