23 August 2012

It's a miracle - an update!

So, today my cousin was like "I miss you blogging!" And that made me be like "Oh crap, I haven't blogged in a really long time!"

So I'm blogging.  Here's an update -

Work has been bringing in chair massages for us last Tuesday and today.  That's right, I signed up to have one both days and it felt good.

I have three days left of work.  Yes, T-H-R-E-E days!  I'm managing my time well to have my projects done by the time I leave.  I'm so proud of myself.

I finally found a swimsuit.  Can I have a hallelujah?  Since I don't blog you wouldn't know that I was having a hard time finding a nice swimsuit.  (a really hard time)

I have twelve more days before I move to Hawaii.  Packing is going smoothly.  (Very pleased about that).

On August 31st we're having an Avatar the Last Airbender theme "Welcome Home party" for Derek and Erica / "Goodbye party" for me.  Each nation will be represented in our food choices.  We're going to play "Pin the crazy on Azula."  We're also going to have some water bending battles - and more!  I'll definitely be a good girl and blog about that. :-)

I'm having fun doing some back to school shopping.  My shopping includes finding summer clothes because I quickly discovered I live in Oregon so therefore I don't really have any summer clothes.  What can I say?

Oh, I was able to get all the classes and times that I wanted.  That could have been because I'm not on island time yet and registered the moment I was able to.

I think that's a good update... Night!

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Sherri said...

seriously 12 days!! Oh my goodness! And I added a project to your list??? oops!! You can say NO WAY!!! :)
I'm glad your back and I can't wait to follow you on your new journey!