16 April 2013

Break time!


I'm on break right now so it's nice being able to pull myself back together.  Last semester was a busy one.  I took 18 credits... I don't think I want to do that again.  LOL  Last Wednesday was the first day of finals but I didn't have to take the two finals schedule for that day, so I went whale watching.

It was wonderful!  I opted to just film with my gopro so I wouldn't be tied to a viewfinder all day, so I don't have any still shots of the whales but I have a little video from what I took.  I didn't record everything.  Some of it I was just enjoying, but I did take some video and compiled it together.

There were two big ones and a baby that were swimming RIGHT NEXT TO our boat!  Unfortunately I don't have a stick mount for my gopro, so I couldn't put the camera in the water.  I've already contacted my brother-in-law to help me make one.  I'll be prepared next time I go whale watching.

I met up with my cousins in Haleiwa and spent the afternoon with them.  We saw honu just playing in the surf.  They were having a grand time.  We even passed one that came up to sunbathe.

I have a busy week ahead of me and then school starts back up on Monday.  Have I mentioned that I'm loving Hawaii?  I don't blog much since I've been here, but I've just been too busy.  I'm doing the 365 photo challenge so I'll be doing weekly updates to post my pictures for the challenge.

I started on Saturday because 365 days from then I'll be walking in the graduation ceremony.  I figured it would be a nice little count down.  I can't believe I'll be graduating in a year!

It's weird to think of your life in 'semesters.'  A year is a long time, but if I think of it being 3 semesters then it's not a long time at all.  It's a strange perspective.

Mahalo for reading.

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Laura said...

I love your countdown and I can't believe you only have a year left too!!
Keep posting Hawaii pictures, I LOVE THEM!
Wish I was there to play with you.
Love your guts, girlie. So happy for you and your paradise life :-)