05 April 2013

Oops! Once upon a time there was a surfing competition...

I meant to blog this back in November, but I never did!  I was going through my files and found this.

Anyways, back in November Angela and I went to the the first part of the Vans Triple Crown Surfing Competition!

I don't know names of surfers, but I do know Kelly Slater.  Imagine my surprise when the announcer announced his name.  Yep, I watched him surf.  I may have texted my brother-in-law to make him jealous.  Just maybe.

We had a great time and here's some of my favorite photos (in no order):

And then we went to town to do some shopping and we ended up at another beach.

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Laura said...

I LOVE Kelly Slater!! How cool you got to see him in action. What a fun day you had!!