21 May 2013

365 Challenge - Week 4 & 5

I forgot to post the last couple of weekends, so here's two weeks of photos in one post.

Week 4:

5/4/13 - Sometimes I just need to get out of Laie and this was one of those days.  So Angie and I went down to Kaneohe to eat at Panda Express and do some browsing at the mall.

5/5/13 - I may have spent my Sunday afternoon playing Candy Crush and getting caught up on Beauty and the Beast.  Just maybe.

5/6/13 - Did some studying because midterms are coming up.

5/7/13 - My friends, Riri and Ayako, were willing to model for me while I practiced some portrait photography.

5/8/13 - Here's the lovely Relief Society Presidency for the BYUH 2nd Ward.  I'm one of the secretaries and we had our first meeting.

5/9/13 - Watched some of the junior division of the Fireknife Dancing competitions at PCC

5/10/13 - Had a going away dinner for my friend Puni.  We went to The Counter in Kahala.  Had a good night out before she moves back to Samoa.

Week 5:

5/11/13 - Angie and I went to see Iron Man 3!  LOVED it!! (Disclaimer: The photo was not taken during the movie... it was taken during the sound system "commercial" thing)

5/12/13 - It's been raining and my church shoes are basically lace with a tiny sole.  So it's best that I just take them off and walk barefoot to church.

5/13/13 - Went to PF Changs with some friends.  I wasn't able to make it to Abby's birthday party since it was the same night as Puni's going away party, so we went to dinner.  I love PF Changs.

5/14/13 - Working on some homework, I need to figure out what photographer I'll be researching.

5/15/13 - A beautiful day deserves to eat lunch outside.

5/16/13 - Wednesday night I went to take a nap 2 hour nap, but I woke up the next morning.  Yep, I slept in my clothes because I wasn't expecting to sleep all night.

5/17/13 - Enjoyed the JGeeks concert!  It was AWESOME!

See ya next time!

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