29 May 2013

365 Challenge - Week 6

Here's week 6 of my 365 challenge:

 5/18/13 - Made a special Wal-mart trip to get some props or supplies to make props for my final photography project.

5/19/13 - Had my first of 5 photo shoots for my final project.  The lovely Alyssa is modeling my interpretation of the Cheshire Cat.  The theme for this photo shoot is the culture shock of "I feel I'm all alone.  I feel that no one understands me or my culture."

5/20/13 - This is a failed photography of motion.  I was trying to draw the batman signal with a flashlight but my flashlight wasn't narrow enough to draw with.

5/21/13 - Making the hairpiece for the Queen of Hearts photo shoot.  Yay for construction paper!

5/22/13 - I've been spending the last couple of days editing my photos.  Yay finals!

 5/23/13 - The Dana's are visiting Hawaii and we met up to have dinner.  (They treated me, they're so nice!)  And then I took them up to explore the point.

5/24/13 - Photo shoot of The Queen of Hearts.  The lovely Abby helped me out tremendously and put with the stares we received on the temple grounds.  What can I say?  They have a perfect garden for the queen.

To be continued....

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