03 June 2013

Art 212: Final Project & Concept

My collection is called We're all mad here.   I wanted to do an editorial / fashion photography style and decided that my collection would be inspired by Alice in Wonderland.   First I spoke with several international students and discussed the different aspects of the culture shock they experienced upon arrival to the United States.  I then pulled out a few thoughts and feelings to showcase using characters from Alice in Wonderland.   

My intention for this collection is to show a person’s struggle.  On paper moving to another country seems like a fun idea and an adventure, what can go wrong, right?  But in reality there are a lot of emotions involved (for example fear, excitement, loneliness, etc.)  Something so small, like buses that are always running late, may seem simple and not a big deal to us, but to the person that has moved away from everything he or she know,s it could be a big deal.  I thought visually showing these thoughts and feelings can help put us in another person’s shoes.  I found models that in my head fit the character that was being portrayed and then set their photos with quotes from the interviews.

Alice represents the wonder and excitement of a new adventure before any culture shock sets in.  
Mad Hatter represents the shock that so many people walk around barefoot.
Cheshire Cat represents the feeling of loneliness and not being understood.  (Not understood personally and culturally)
White Rabbit represents the shock that the buses are often late, which never happens back home. 
Queen of Hearts represents the impression of rudeness or that Americans are only interested in helping themselves and no one else.
For my photographer inspiration I’ll used Sølve Sundsbø.  I enjoy that he experiments with his photography.  (For me that's the biggest inspiration I can get from his work.) I also like how he plays with shadows and lights.  I chose him as my photographer to present on because I really enjoyed his work and thought he would also be a good influence for my final collection.
Sølve Sundsbø's gallery and bio are found: http://www.artandcommerce.com/ss
(Disclaimer: there are some nudes in this gallery, view with caution)

We're All Mad Here

-Lewis Carol, Alice in Wonderland

The excitement and wonder of a new adventure before the reality of culture shock sets in....

"I was actually surprised to see so many people walking around without shoes."

"I cried everyday since I felt nobody understood my culture and the way I talk."

"I was shocked that the buses run late!  That never happens back home."

"I felt everyone was so cold.  Nobody took care of me or treated me good."

A big thank you to all of the international students that shared your thoughts with me.  Also a big thank you to the models for helping me with this project.

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Laura said...

I love your project! Incredible job Steph!!