21 June 2013

365 Challenge - Week 7

I'm several weeks behind, oops.  I could blame finals and then coming back home for a visit, but it's not fully true.  I just boils down to not making the time to sit down and blog.  I've popped Avengers in and I'm doing some misc work on my computer and thought it would be a perfect time to get caught up.  I'm not going to post all the missed weeks at once because that would be a huge post.  I'll space them out this week until I'm all caught up!

Here's week 7:

5/25/13 - I did the White Rabbit photo shoot at a bus stop near the school today.

5/26/13 - Finally wore the new dress I bought about a month ago.  And that's Silvia, one of my crazy roomies. 

5/27/13 - Marv, Marisa, and I went to the Floating Lantern Festival.  This was the first item I put on my "Hawaii To Do List."  I'm so glad I went!  It was amazing and beautiful.  We even got a float and decorated it for our loved ones that have passed.

5/28/13 - We're up to no good.  We failed, but tried anyway.  We only had a few minutes before Silvia got out of the shower, she's tall and we tried to estimate a spot so the cling wrap would hit her chest level or lower.  It was basically in her face.  LOL  This was Angie's idea and my good intentions of not contributing flew out the window really quickly.

5/29/13 - Worked on my Alice photo shoot today.  It was raining and we almost gave up, but just as we were heading back home it had stopped.  We quickly pulled over and crossed the street to Temple Beach.  I wasn't too particular of which beach - I was just glad we could do it!

5/30/13 - I realized that I take my shoes off in every classroom and whenever I can now.  I actually hate to wear shoes.  Hawaii has gotten to me!

5/31/13 - I wanted to see Star Trek Into the Darkness again so we drove on down to Kaneohe.  Silvia hadn't seen it yet, so that was my convincing argument to do it. :-)

To be continued...

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