29 July 2013

365 Challenge - Week 14

7/13/13 - Watched the Tahitian Dance Fete.  The little kids competing were so cute!  It was a great day at the PCC.

7/14/13 - I love riding my bike around.  You'd never guess that this bike isn't even a year old, huh?  That's what happens when you have to leave it to the elements of Hawaii.

7/15/13 - First day of school!  And first day of my new routine (with food and exercise).  I'm being a good student and doing my reading.

7/16/13 - I decided I wanted to feel like a girl and do a pedicure / manicure.  Yay for bright blue and pink nail polish!

7/17/13 - I love walking past the temple at night.  It's so beautiful!

7/18/13 - I decided to make a bracelet.  My other bracelets that I made have fallen off.

7/19/13 - Work has been so slow this week.  (first week of school... go figure, right?)  But I'm now getting tutoring appointments!  Yay tutoring!

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