27 July 2013

365 Challenge - Week 13

7/6/13 - A beautiful day to ride around.  My first day back to work.... I almost didn't want to stay at work.

7/7/13 - Went to Hukilau Beach to spend some time.  I love the beach, even if I just sit on the sand.  It's such a relaxing place.

7/8/13 - On campus getting ready for school to start on Monday.  I'm strangely excited to get back to classes.  I know!  I'm a nerd. :-)

7/9/13 - I can't read while I'm school because I'm obsessive reader.  I won't do anything until the book is done.  So I thought 'now is the time to finally read my friend's book.'  Since I slept on the plane and wasn't able to read it then, so I read it now.  And I loved Serpent's Treasure: The Ancestral Key!

7/10/13 - I was working on my story and watching Bones when I realized that I forgot to get a photo for today.  I tried to think of something when I heard cheering and loud music.  The house across the street had a party with fireknife dancers.  I stood in the doorway for a bit and watched the fire batons go up in the air.  I then decided to take a picture for today.  All my pictures sucked though.  You can barely make out some fire above their wall though.

7/11/13 - Game night!  Our first game of choice was Zombie Dice.  It's a fun dice game.  I think the banter that we had with the game was even better.  You either get brains, feet or shotgun blasts.  You don't want shotguns blasts.  If you get three your turn is over and you lose all the brains you got that turn.  We then played Harry Potter Clue, and Bite off (you and other pirates are in the ocean because we mutaneered and there's a shark after you, so you want to outlast the others and survive the shark.)  Then we went back to Zombie Dice.

7/12/13 - Spent the day at the beach with Dani and Laelia.  Dani's dad paddled to shore to join us.  When it was time to pack up, I babysat the canoe while they went to get his truck.  It was so nice and relaxing sitting there.

to be continued....

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