16 October 2013

365 Challenge - Week 16

7/27/13 - Roomie fun time!  Silvia's friend Laura was visiting so we went to town (aka Waikiki) to eat at The Cheesecake Factory.  Thinking of this night makes me want to eat there again.  Yummy!

7/28/13 - Such a beautiful day.  You'd never guess that we're under a Tropical Storm Warning.  Flossie was a coming!

7/29/13 - Flosise is coming which means we need to get supplies.  Last minute trip to the one and only grocery store in my small town.

7/30/13 - Initiation Ceremony for Phi Kappa Phi.  I was invited to join this Honor Society.  I think it's pretty cool.  Great for the 'after college' resume, right?

7/31/13 - Since I'm going through my 'to edit' folder due to the whole "no internet" I came upon this gem.  LOL  Those were some massive waves.  That's my brother's head just barely making it over the crest in the upper right corner.

8/1/13 - Silvia taught me a new technique for a bracelet.  It's pretty cool!  Yes, I make friendship bracelets for myself.  I like to not think that's sad, but think I'm in a healthy place and I like myself.  Just saying.

8/2/13 - Photo shoot at Hukilau Beach!  Gabby's uncle is starting a campaign for the sea, so we took some photos that he could use.  If I could remember his website I would link it... but I don't.

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