17 October 2013

365 Challenge - Week 17

8/3/13 - Our "let's get out of Laie" trip to Lanikai Beach.  It was a gorgeous day and so much fun!

8/4/13 - I love that the Hukilau Beach sign is back.  I really missed it when it was gone.  (It was gone for a long time too!)

8/5/13 - Another photo shoot at Hukilau Beach.   I saw this wee bit of a rainbow.  

8/6/13 - Editing the photos from yesterday's photo shoot of my friend's boys.  I just love her family.  She's an amazing mom and they're so adorable.

8/7/13 - PANDA EXPRESS!!!  You don't know my joy because I have to travel to get me some Panda.

8/8/13 - My friend Noelle and I are getting up early and walking the bike path (3 miles round trip) before classes.  We have to get up super early for this to happen.... we'll see how long it lasts.  Hopefully for awhile...?  (UPDATE:  It only lasted a week.)

8/9/13 - My favorite type of popcorn.  It's a mixture of kettle corn and butter.  So delicious!

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