23 October 2013

365 Challenge - Week 23

9/14/13 - Fall semester has started and we're in teams for my Human Behavior class.  We're the Foxy Five and we need to have a logo.  I did some sketching tonight for our logo.

9/15/13 - Yep, I went on a Walmart trip with my friends just to buy this DVD.  Love this movie!

9/16/13 - Sorry!  I cheated again.  This cracked me up so much!  I couldn't help it.  So funny!

9/17/13 - Only in Hawaii is the Aloha Oe put in the hymn book.  :-)

9/18/13 - Another day sketching while I watch a movie.

9/19/13 - Just another day at school and in the office.  :-) (This is a rare sight.  I never have my hair down because it's too hot.)

9/20/13 - Elder Holland was speaking in town today so we went to see him.  Yeah, it was already packed when we arrived so we sat on the stage - which was perfect seating.

I'm including the below picture as well.  I couldn't technically use it because I didn't take it, but there we are kicking it on the stage.

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