22 October 2013

365 Challenge - Week 22

9/7/13 - Started watching Burn Notice to get caught up so I can watch the finale on time.

9/8/13 - Been watching A LOT of Burn Notice.  Some of this has been very emotional.... other fans have had some time to adjust I'm doing a marathon over here.  I hope it ends well.

9/9/13 - Just working on a little face swapping.  My sister sent me pictures of her and two friends to put on her son's football picture.  Yes I will be adjusting the coloring on the heads the best I can.  This is a currently a work in progress.  The goal is for it to look somewhat realistic.  (UPDATE: It turned out awesome!)

9/10/13 - I'm out of shampoo, which means I can now use the shampoo bar I bought at Lush when I was in Maui.  Let me just say that I LOVE it!

9/11/13 - Received a package from Miriam today.  She sent me some beautiful colors that I can't wait to use.

9/12/13 - Dennis and Mary are visiting the North Shore!  They came to Laie and we had lunch together.  It was great seeing them.

9/13/13 - Caught the Burn Notice finale last night.  I cried!  It was good but there was this amazing yet sad scene.  I need to go back and watch the first season when things were still a bit light.  I do love this show.

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