09 July 2008

10 Days of Batman

In anticipation of the new Batman movie (July 18th) I'll be celebrating with a post each day discussing how awesome Batman is.

Oh, I should change my layout to be a batman layout!! hmmm.....

When I first heard about Batman: Gotham Knight I was so excited, but honestly I forgot all about it until last week. I was at a store (possibly Target) and I could have sworn I saw it there. And then a few days later I was like "Oh yeah that movie!!" But I wasn't able to find it since and I've been looking! Well, today I saw it at Target and so I now know I wasn't hallucinating! (But the sad thing is I read that the release date for this was yesterday... so maybe I was hallucinating.)

This is 6 animated shorts of Batman which take place after Batman Begins and before Batman Dark Knight. (Think Animatrix for the Matrix movie) And here's the kicker of this being awesome, Kevin Conroy the voice of Batman from the animated series which ran from 1992-95, was Batman in any of the animated movies that spun from this series, Superman episodes that had Batman, AND was old Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond is the voice of Batman in this! Bow down to the master.

I so can't wait to watch this DVD!!!

And on the non-Batman related front, yesterday was my last day. I'm so going to miss working there because I loved everyone I worked with and I really liked my job. I start a new job tomorrow and I have to be conservative. No more white trash hairdos for work. And I can't walk that casual line of business casual like I used to. I think I'll survive though. :-)


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laura said...

Your batman countdown will be fun to watch! Good luck on your new job!