11 July 2008

Day 9 & 8 of Batman

Well today is two days because I had a massive headache yesterday & I was totally sick to my stomach because of the pain. So I went to bed WAY early because I can NOT be sick when I start a new job. I've popped some vitamin C and zinc so I better get... better. I did wake up feeling good this morning so it was nice.

I really do like my new job, everyone is WAY nice.

Ok, enough with the no batman stuff... here are TWO, yes TWO reasons that Batman is awesome... drum roll please....

Day 9 -

Batman's utility belt!! Come on, you know it's awesome. He keeps EVERYTHING in there, I swear! I'm sure there's even a place for my cell phone or chapstick ... er.. I mean his cell phone or chapstick. Would those be called the batphone and the batstick? (But honestly even without his utility belt he'd be awesome because...

Day 8 -

Batman can fight and kick serious butt! He can majorly kick any bad guy's bottoms, he takes none of their crap. Criminals may think that they're above the law but Batman IS the law! Watch out Jackie Chan you've got nothing on Batman! (Oh, that rhymes!)

Ah... Batman how I love.....

Disclaimer - Jackie Chan is seriously cool and all but he can't compete with Batman. No offense Jackie Chan fans.

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laura said...

I love watching your Batman love.... You rock!!