10 August 2008

Comic Con part 3 - Wednesday / Thursday

One of my favorite responses Wednesday night to the line question was by Joey's husband. "We're in line for 'Escape to Witch Mountain' I've been waiting years for the sequel." The people asking the question would laugh and then ask, "No really what are you in line for?" And he'd say it again. It was the best!

Technically only 4-day passes were able to be picked up on Wednesday. But Sarah and a few of our new found friends decided to try to get their Thursday pass early. Registration was almost closed so they figured now is the only time to do it! Honestly, I didn't expect them to come back with their passes.

And to my astonishment Sarah was able to work her magic and get the Thursday passes for them. She's amazing!!

Everyone was getting along very well... until the cutters started coming. About midnight this blonde girl comes up and sits at the front of the line and starts talking to the people like they were holding her a spot. One of the ladies tells here that this is the front and the end is around the building. (yes it was already around the building by midnight.) She acts surprised by the fact that this isn't the end of the line. First of all, there's the obvious sign that says this is the beginning, but also when does the end of the line EVER stop right by the entrance? Isn't that usually the beginning, hence the word 'entrance?' I'm just asking.

I was able to get about 3 or 4 hours of sleep, nothing solid because I kept waking up but it was good enough. After waking up I was talking to a couple of the ladies behind us and they were telling me that people were getting out of taxis and cutting all night. They finally had security come over to take order. But I couldn't believe the nerve of people.

A few minutes after telling me this I see the same blonde girl with a friend walks over and sits down about 5 people behind me. The group that she cut in front of tried to get her to leave but she wouldn't claiming that "she belonged there." That group had been there since 7:00 so I piped in and mentioned how she had tried to cut at the beginning of the line at midnight. She acts all innocent and "I'm not doing anything wrong." She won't budge and security is gone for a few hours so we resigned to the fact that we'll have to wait until security gets back to kick her out.

About 15 mins later two of her friends from WAY back in the line come up and tell her to save them spots and she's like "sure" Ok that got everyone going again. By this time the lady that talked to her at midnight about her cutting came back and saw what had happened and she got on her case. Sarah and I joined the forces of the group in front and behind of us and the group that she had cutted in front also joined our force and we were able to expel the evil force back in her spot of the line. But of course later she complained to security that we were all cutting in line. Honestly, the nerve of some people.

About 3:00 in the morning Sarah and I decided to get dressed and "freshen up" the best as we could. I actually changed my clothes under my blanket... dang I'm good. But we decided to borrow the bathroom at the Marriott to freshen up.

Summit Entertainment (the ones bringing us Twilight) brought us donuts. This donut character is from one of their movies... I'm not sure which one. The donuts were enjoyed by all those in line around us. It was so nice of them...

And Sarah enjoyed the donut but didn't let it stop her from reading Eclipse again.

My dad came with cinnamon rolls around 6:00 and he finally understood that we were smart. Yes there were already thousands in line.

By the time 9:30 came when they opened the doors to let us in the courtyard was packed with people. Definitely more than the 6500 people that this room holds.

To be continued....

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