27 August 2008

Our Trip to Forks

My sister Laura and I had discussed doing a trip up to Forks, WA for a Twilight book tour. Our calendars have been booking up so we decided to go with short notice during the earliest and possibly only free weekend, which was last weekend.

Everyone was so nice up there, we both had a blast and enjoyed our trip immensely. One of the things that made the trip really fun was how the town just embraced the fact that Twilighters were coming up. The visitor's guide had an article on the 'Twilight Phenomenon" and informs the visitors and locals that the Twilighters can be spotted because they'll be taking pictures of signs or with signs. (Like this one....) It was a funny article because it's true.

Here are a few examples of Forks embracing us nerds....

1. Forks Community Hospital
Hahahaha!!! They created a sign for Dr. Cullen in the parking lot. They have such a great sense of humor!! It cracked me up.

And the people in the town made sure we knew it was there - which was very nice of them. because we originally had no idea.

2. The town stores and businesses

Even the True Value Hardware store had a picture of Edward and Bella in the window... a hardware store!! So funny! One of the coolest thing was that each store had their own set of items. Some made their own shirts and etc. It's nice that you're not finding the same thing over and over again.

I actually got a couple t-shirts and a cool mug & pen. And if you have any questions about locations the workers at the stores are very helpful. :-)

3. Bella's Truck
That's right, I said Bella's truck!! Isn't that awesome?!?!? It's at the Chamber of Commerce so it's not hard to miss.

There are also houses that are designated as Edward, Bella, and Jacob's house. The Cullen's and Bella's houses are in Forks and Jacob's is in La Push.... just like in the book! (Imagine that...)

There's even Forks Outfitters, where Bella worked and the meadows that are mentioned (THE meadow is off of Highway 110 then Laura & I found the meadow outside of town that would be perfect for James and his pose to crash the baseball game.)

4. The Chamber of Commerce & their awesome sign

That's a pretty sweet sign they have there.

5. The Twilight Sandwich
Yes that's right, Subway created a Twilight Sandwich in Forks. And I had to take a bite into that thing... and may I add that it was very yummy! And Sulley's, which is a hamburger joint, created a Bella Burger.

Now, we didn't just stop at Forks, we went all out and visited Port Angeles:

This is a very cute town. I would like to spend some more time up here. We didn't only see Gottschalks (where Bella's friends shopped for prom dresses) but we went to the restroom there as well. That's right you're jealous now, huh? We passed the bookstore that Bella almost went into. We went to the movie theater, and Bella Italia. But sadly Bella Italia is only opened in the evenings so we couldn't eat there. That'll be next time!

And we also saw....
le gasp! Are these complete random strangers the ones that attacked Bella??

Disclaimer: we do not judge on appearances unlike those people at the movie theater that judge my friends and I as bad people because we were watching Mama Mia dressed like punks. You don't know us! (I must admit that we had great reactions that it was worth it... it was so funny!) Just because two guys are walking around in leather jackets does not make them hoodlums or dangerous.

And no trip to Forks would be complete without going to La Push!

I absolutely loved La Push. On our way we found this awesome sign and decided that must be the Bella drop-off point since Edward can't take her into La Push himself. Aren't my photoshop skills amazing? I was going for feeling of a football game plan.

And while we were there Laura had an epiphany...

And once we were at La Push we visited the gorgeous First Beach, again I want to go back and spend more time there!

It was a great trip and I'll finish my comic-con update asap, I promise!!!


laura said...

Great shots! I'm so glad we were able to go together, I had a BLAST!!!!!

The Mulligan Family said...

You two are so awesome. I'm so glad you had fun together and all of us less fortunate Twilighters can live vicariously through you! Cindy

Becca and fam said...

Love this! Are you going to put up the ones from Stephenie Meyer day?