04 September 2008

Comic Con Part 5 - Thursday

It's probably about time I finish my comic-con report. You may think a month later is horrible.. let's just say it's been almost a year since I went to Egypt and I still haven't completed that report. Hahaha! I'm horrible...

Yay for Twilight! The moment us campers had waited for finally arrived! We were shown an extended clip of the fight in the ballroom (which has already been released so if you haven't seen it already - go hunt it down!) Muse will be on the soundtrack and if I understood this correctly, the lullaby that Rob created on the spot will be used as Bella's lullaby in the movie.

The actors would love to reprise their roles. Except Cam because he dies... I still loved his reaction to that comment.

They were asked what their favorite scene was... and I can only remember Stephenie and Rob's and they're both the same - the scene in the hospital after the accident when Bella and Edward are conversing. You know, if I did this in a timely manner I probably could have remembered the others. Have I mentioned that I'm just horrible at completing projects?

Another funny moment was when some chick asked "What's it like to play sexy vampires?" and they didn't have an answer. Cam passed it along to Rob and Rob just laughed. Oh, they're just adorable!

Penny, a very nice "Twilight Mom" that we met had the brilliant idea to write a letter for us to hold so we can spell out a sign. There ended up just being the three of us, so we did R-O-B (good thing I had my sketchbook with me!) and at the end of the panel we held up our sign and Rob was right in front of us so he saw it and gave us a shy smile. So cute!

We were able to give an Oregon shout out when the director mentioned filming here and the extremely weird weather we had at that time. We were so close that she noticed us and commented back. It was awesome...

Stephenie teased us that her favorite Edward and Bella moment is actually in the 4th book. Since the 4th book is out her favorite moment has been revealed. Since my sister hasn't completed the book yet, I'm not saying. But if you want to know you can look for it online or ask me privately.

I know I already stated this in an earlier post - but it was so funny watching Rob want to hide and drink all of the water. I felt bad for him because he seems to be rather shy. And 6500 people screaming at you would be very overwhelming.

And here's some more photos for your enjoyment!

Kristen (Bella), Cam (James), Rachelle (Victoria) and part of Edi (Laurent)

Cam (James), Rachelle (Victoria), Edi (Laurent), and Taylor (Jacob)

Edi (Laurent), and Taylor (Jacob)

Rob (Edward), Kristen (Bella), and Cam (James)

Rob (Edward) and Kristen (Bella)

I can't remember what's so funny, but it must have been something good!
Stephenie (author), Rob (Edward), Kristen (Bella)

To Be Continued... (Yes, more I'm STILL on Thursday events and I won't be able to get to my Avatar:The Last Airbender post until I do Friday panels... that was a good one too!)


laura said...

I'm STILL jealous about your weekend. How fun!!!! :-)

Becca and fam said...

Party! I have chills just looking at the photo's!

Becca and fam said...

I LOVE the hospital scene in the book and Midnight Sun REALLY makes that part good! Great photo's! Thanks for posting them. I am living vicariously through you!

Ivon said...

Little one, you are on Part 5, and you jut returned eight days ago from another visit to Forks, WA, You need to catch up for all those Edward lovers following you.

The Steve said...

Wow, Edward looks totally emo.