23 November 2008

I have one more....

I have to post pictures of our Twilight midnight showing and then I'll be able to move onto other topics... I swear!

I arrived after work (around 6) and I heard from Val that there were people that arrived at 9:00 am. These are some hard core fans!

It was a chilly night but luckily it didn't rain. It was raining earlier that day and it was supposed to rain the evening too. We so lucked out!

Wendy was awesome and brought a little space heater and that was nice to have!

And my co-workers came because they love Twilight too. Sasha (the one in the right picture) is my high school texting buddy on Twilight. LOL (She's the one I made the Jasmine costume for halloween, isn't she cute?!) Amy (in the picture on the left) has recently converted to the ways of Twilight.

There were several people from church that I ran into. Oh, and I decided to wear my "La Push" Sweatshirt in honor of the evening.

It was a fun night! I forgot to take pictures of us racing the Cullen's cars.

Val won the first game and Amy won the second one.

They both received sparkly lip gloss.

Around 9:15 / 9:20 Sarah and Laura came. They didn't have to wait in line for too long because they let us in at 10:00. But that didn't stop everyone from making sure Laura was warm. This was her second outing and she can't get sick so everyone was watching out for her. It was very cute!

Notice the "Deer" drink? I had supplied "Grizzly Bear", "Mountain Lion", and "Deer" blood drinks. Since we're vegitarians we had no human blood, sorry!

Here is my self portrait in line and the gift bags I made for people. And does anyone want to play Twilight Bingo? We played it while we waited inside and it was fun. My sister took pictures inside so you can find that here.


laura said...

Fun photos chica!! :-)

Becca and fam said...

I'm LOVING all the blankets. We were in short sleeves and sans jackets, it was crazy warm in the theater...I'm sure it had something to do with all the hormones circulating (and something to do with the fact that it was 80 degrees in Phoenix that day). A guy even proposed to his girlfriend just before the show started! Love the photos and the games!