18 December 2008

Vegas baby, Vegas... Part 3

I finally was able to see The Phantom of the Opera and boy was I excited!

I sure was worried that we were going to be late because Jen and Erika weren't too concerned about being on time or didn't consider traffic on the strip. Either way I was stressing that we weren't going to be on time.

If you're late there is no guarantee that they'll let you in. Either way it's rude to the actors and everyone involved in the production to come in late and disrupt the performance. But the management that night didn't care they let several people come in late and it was rather annoying. But we weren't the ones coming in late, yes that's right we made it just in time to hear the phantom tell us to turn off our cell phones.

You may be wondering about the picture of my shoes.... the top part was my shoes of death (but aren't they cute?!) that I wore for the show and the I brought flip-flops to change into after the show.

This is our dramatization of us running to the show... yes we literally ran and to do that we had to take off the death shoes.

This is one of my favorite shots of Las Vegas.


laura said...

LOVE that last shot!!

Becca and fam said...

The gang together, how fun!