03 December 2009

Back in May...

I played tour guide to my friends up in Forks, WA.  Am I from there? No.  I just had been there twice before with other people and for some reason I love going back!  We had amazing weather and fantastic time.  Here's some photos highlighting the trip.

Here we are working the Police Station

Look we found Alice Cullen~

Those Hunsaker girls are amazing and hilarious!  So much fun!

Why hello there Amanda, you enjoying the beautiful hike?

Isn't it so pretty?!?!

I so LOVE 2nd Beach!

Time for a Bonfire at First Beach.  Why yes that is an Edward doll.
He just makes pictures so much more fun.

I so love taking jumping pictures


It may be hard to see, but Brittani and Edward are holding hands while they walk to the front of the school. LOL

I don't judge you!

We also headed to Kaleloch Beach and the tidepools

You can't see Edward and I.

um... Just some fun in Port Angeles

And time to enjoy some Bella Italia.


Ivon said...

You are crazy, but I love you. I have been to Forks once, and that was enough for me. :)

Great post and lovely pictures.

laura said...

So fun!!

Sherri Jorgensen said...

I love jumping pictures too. whenever my kids have friends over and they are bored...I say "lets do jumping pictures." They all love it!

5Youngers said...

love the pics and commentary

Kim Despain said...

This makes me want to make another trip up to Forks....hmmmmm