11 January 2011


I was surprised this morning with a package in the post. No one told me they were sending anything so I was quite surprised to hear a knock on my door this morning. (As was the postman since I had just woken up - my hair was everywhere! LOL)

The good thing about living abroad you don't have to tear open the package to see what was sent, you just look at the customs sticker. I jumped up and down when I read "shampoo" and "conditioner"

When we chatted at Christmas and they told me they'll send me some, I honestly didn't expect them to do it!

This is the best shampoo and conditioner EVER!


Sherri said...

I love packages...even if I send them to myself!

Nancy said...

That was so sweet of Derek and Erica!!! I'm glad you're able to get your hair back to normal ;)

Ivon said...

Such a thoughtful gift. enjoy a little of Rexburg when you shower. Love you.

ok said...

good luck.