12 January 2011

Yesterday on the train...

When I was on the train coming home from Glasgow yesterday, I had an epiphany.

When you travel with other people you can strike up a conversation and discuss everything that has happened and what you've seen.

When you're traveling alone you can't strike up a conversation with yourself about what you've seen or people will think you're crazy. So that conversation must stay in your head!

PS - sorry I've been bad at blogging this week. I've been sleeping A LOT and haven't felt very good. But I think sleep has healed me and I'm feeling much better. I'll be posting more pictures soon.


Nancy said...

Keep sleeping and keep your talking to yourself silent. They really would think crazy American unless you could pull off a good Scottish accent ;) Ducky on NCIS is from Glasgow.....just a fun tidbit of knowledge. You know me, I know a lot of things but that and $5.00 would give me $5.00. I love you!!!

Laura said...

I think you should talk to all the strangers as if you've known them forever and secretly videotape it so we can see their reactions!