16 August 2011

It's a nice day for a.... white wedding!

Jen and Erika are the closest I have to childhood friends. I missed Erika's wedding this past December, but since I was back you bet I was going to make it to Jen's.

It was a beautiful ceremony and as a bonus, it was great seeing old friends again.

Jen, Erika and I

Jen, Miriam, and I

Dianna dancing with two of her four kids. Dianna and I were very close and it was great seeing her again.

Miriam, Dianna, and I

This has become our tradition when we attend weddings together - we feed each other a bite of cake and laugh afterwards.

It was SO hot that day.

Miriam and I

Jen's dress was beautiful


Nancy said...

Fun pictures!!

Ivon said...

Great pictures. I am glad you were able to attend. LOve you.

Sherri said...

You look beautiful! I love weddings!

Laura said...

Awesome photos. You did a great job capturing the glowing bride!