23 June 2013

365 Challenge - Week 8

My second super late post....  Week 8

6/1/13 - I made a top hat for my Mad Hatter photo shoot.  Yay for construction paper and duck tape!

6/2/13 - I know it's just a screenshot for this day, but I LOVE that my nieces love Doctor Who like I do.

6/3/13 - I convinced my roomie Silvia to wear the top hat while she studied so I could take a picture.  I told her this way she's "studying in style."

6/4/13 - Friends and I went to The Counter for dinner.  Yummy food!  I brought the top hat because I was having too much fun with it.  Yes, we took pictures of us all wearing it in the restaurant.  We even wanted the desert to be "in style" because it was delicious!

6/5/13 - Studying with classmates for the Child Welfare final, but I'm also the tutor so I had three study sessions.  This chart was created on the third study session and is so much better than the first one I did.

6/6/13 - I was able to watch my friend's three kids while she went to an appointment.  These kids are adorable.  We were using our imagination.

6/7/13 - I spent the day at the beach with my cousin and her family.  This is the cutie Laelia who gets so tanned even with the sunblock on.  Dani introduced me to the fun of beachcombing.

To be continued...

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Laura said...

I love your 365 Challenge so much!! :-)