19 July 2013

365 Challenge - Week 9

I'm still super late.... and I will continue to be super late.  As of Sunday I will not be able to use the internet.  I need to abstain from what I use to cope with the stresses of life for this term.  And that's the internet.  I've already told him it'll be the internet.

I'm posting Week 9 now but in reality tomorrow starts week 15.  I've set the posts to continue posting while I'm offline, and then once the term is over and I'm back online I'll work on getting caught up.

6/8/13 - Wahoo!  Movie night with friends.  We may have gone to a nice air conditioned place that I may have access to because of my job.  But we used my own computer to watch it. :-)

6/9/13 - Spent the last couple of days preparing for the Doctor Who marathon with my nieces.  It's going to be fun!

6/10/13 - Wrote my friend on her mission today.  Her birthday was a few days ago and I should have already sent this out, but alas I didn't.  I'm at least doing it now.

6/11/13 - Watched Iron Man again.  I was watching this while I worked on my story but then I decided to just turn the lights out, go full screen, and bask in the ambiance of Iron Man.

6/12/13 - Played tourist in Waikiki today.  Then we took Ang to the airport.  Then Silvia and I went back to Waikiki to eat at The Cheesecake Factory and to experience the wonderfully delicious samples of The Honolulu Cookie Company.  I bought a tin to take home with me... but I'm afraid they won't make it.

6/13/13 - I got new shoes!  Yay Ross!  (interesting story, I had to dig for these because Ross labelled all the sizes wrong.  They went by the UK sizing or the men's sizing instead of the women's sizing.)

6/14/13 - A new gecko has entered our lair.  As long as this one stays out of my room I won't make him go outside.

To be continued....

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