21 July 2013

365 Challenge - Week 10

6/15/13 - Relief Society Pool Party!  (A.k.a a Church activity)  I love swimming in a pool.  It's so much more secure than the ocean. :-)

6/16/13 - I admit it!  I'm immature.  Pupus crack me up every time I read it.

6/17/13 - Flying home!  Man, I hate flying out on Mondays.  It took an hour to get through the security line.  Crazy!  Or maybe it's just a normal occurrence of flying out of Hawaii?

6/18/13 - Craft Warehouse!!!!!  First stop Craft Warehouse please.  I have not crafted for a LONG time and I was needing it.  I had fun creating some pretty bracelets!

6/19/13 - This little thing would not leave my side during the night.  And she takes up so much room... she pushed me to the end of the bed.  She's awake but is patiently waiting for me to get out of bed.

6/20/13 - She's patiently waiting for my parents to return home.  She heard something outside, sadly it wasn't them.  Don't worry I sent them this picture and was like "I think you should come home soon.  Someone misses you."

6/21/13 - Birthday party for my dad.  Little Emma likes her Uncle Ivon.

To be continued....

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