23 July 2013

365 Challenge - Week 11

6/22/13 - Visiting the brother's house.  I need to reacquaint myself with the littlest niece.  She was a wee babe when I left.  She probably doesn't even realize I was the one that gave her the BEST book EVER at her baby shower!  Pride and Prejudice for babies. Yes, you read that right.

6/23/13 - I was able to attend Michael's baptism.  I've made it them all now! :-)

6/24/13 - Went over to the Sister's house to help Landon make his stop-motion movie.  Well, part 2 that is.  I went over and helped make part 1 in time for Grandpa's birthday.  Landon took all the photos himself, told me how long each photo needed to be, and what to type for the dialogue.  And then he helped me design a DVD menu and we burned the movies on it for him. (Later I went over to help him create part 3)

6/25/13 - Doctor Who Marathon time.  We kept with our favorite Matt Smith episodes, since he will be leaving us at the end of the year.  They have a large chalkboard wall, so throughout the night we wrote out the "11 Reasons that we love Matt Smith" and "Our favorite Doctor Who Quotes"

6/26/13 - Spent the day with my mom and Joan.  We went to Bridgeport and shopped MAC, then to IKEA for lunch (I LOVE those meatballs!) and some shopping, and then to Fabric Depot to check out the oh so lovely fabric.  That store is an acre!  An acre!!  It's heaven.

6/27/13 - Went shooting with my dad.  We shared the targets, which means most of these are my dad's. I did get a few.  The middle one almost on the bullseye is mine.  I mainly hit around the targets and on the wooden frame.  Oops!

6/28/13 - Had dinner with my friend JoElla.  She can never take a serious picture... cracks me up!  We're currently eating the most delicious rolls ever!  Best Little Roadhouse rolls.  YUMMY!  We had a good time hanging out and some good talking done.  Hopefully she'll come visit me while I'm in Hawaii!

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