25 July 2013

365 Challenge - Week 12

6/29/13 - In the morning we had a family outing to the Portland temple (which I didn't take any photos) and then in the late afternoon, I went to the Nike Employee Store with my brother and sister-in-law.  I love my new shoes!

6/30/13 - I've been living out of a suitcase at my brother's house with most of my stuff still at my parent's.  I started packing a little early and putting away the things that will stay in Oregon.  The animals like me to stay where I am.

7/1/13 - Met up with my friend Amanda tonight.  I love seeing this girl!  I didn't know if I'd be able to see her.  I had a sister date at Marco Polo for dinner and we were able to meet up afterwards.  We had a fun time.  She hadn't seen the latest Star Trek movie and I was like "What?!" So we went to see it.

7/2/13 - Met up with my friend Kim for lunch.  She's a busy lady!  There were some communication errors (oops!) but we were finally able to meet up at Taco Del Mar!  Yummy!

7/3/13 - I had an allergy attack today, so I did nothing that I planned to do during the day.  I laid down and hoped it would go away.  I didn't know if I'd make it to my 'going-away party' but I decided to try. I'm glad I did, I was much better that evening and was able to have a good time with everyone and the chickens.

7/4/13 - Arrived back to hawaii today!  We watched a movie and then did a Walmart run.  On our way back we saw several cars parked across the street of the Army base and thought "Oh, they're waiting to watch fireworks." So we decided to wait with them.

7/5/13 - Spent some time at the beach today and I saw the coolest cloud.  It reminded me of a fish.  To be more specific... the fish in Avatar the Last Airbender.  Two koi fish constantly circle each other - one is the moon spirit and the other is the ocean spirit.  Well this was above the ocean....

To be continued...

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