18 October 2013

365 Challenge - Week 18

8/10/13 - Studying for my Substance Abuse and I come across this case when a narcotic gas was used in hostage situation.  119 of the hostages died of an overdose.  Why would you use a narcotic gas?

8/11/13 - 2 of my roomies were watching North and South and it brought back memories.  I wanted to watch it too.  So I popped it in and watch the last ten minutes because they have an amazing ending.

8/12/13 - I have a great view from my office.

8/13/13 - Take-away dinner tonight.  I love Seven Brothers.  So yummy!

8/14/13 - We discovered a baby gecko on our windshield.  Luckily we weren't going very far we kept saying "Hold on little guy, we're almost there."

8/15/13 - Cap'n Crunch was on sale!!!!

8/16/13 - It was a mud mask type of night.

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