19 October 2013

365 Challenge - Week 19

8/17/13 - We decided to have dinner at Ted's Bakery at Sunset Beach tonight. Yep I added my sticker from my cake to the collection of stickers.

8/18/13 - Pulled out the markers because it's an art night tonight!

8/19/13 - Have I mentioned how much I LOVE creativeLIVE?  Well I do!  I just enrolled in a lot of classes and some of them overlap each other.  I need to figure out what I'm going to do.  (UPDATE: It took some work but I was able to watch most of the classes I wanted.)

8/20/13 - We did some beauty shots at the beach today.  I have some great friends that don't mind modeling for me when I want to experiment.  My first time doing beauty shots. 

8/21/13 - Working on editing Noelle's photos from the beauty shot photo shoot.

8/22/13 - I turned in my journal early which means I can now get online!  I was expecting my notifications to be larger, but I found out they only store a week or two notifications.  At least it's not overwhelming my first day back online.

8/23/13 - Working on editing Mako's photos from our beauty photo shoot the other day.

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