20 October 2013

365 Challenge - Week 20

8/24/13 - Watching Serenity on Netflix and doing some research to build a timeline of important events  for my family history timelines.

8/25/13 - I multi-task ALL the time.  Watching some creativeLIVE and working on family history.

8/26/13 - A gorgeous day on campus.  Love the sun rays!

8/27/13 - Making the handout for our presentation in my Aging class.  We're going to have the best handout!  Not that it's a competition.

8/28/13 - I had a whim to make a family history tree using wordart.  This tree is six-generations.  It took me all night, good thing I had no homework.

8/29/13 - I turned in my application for graduation today.  CRAZY!!!

8/30/13 - Got to enjoy the beauty of Kawala Bay.  Seriously it was like having the place to ourselves.  And the water is so calm here.  Love this place!

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