21 October 2013

365 Challenge - Week 21

8/31/13 - Enjoyed part of the Maori Song and Dance Festival at the Polynesia Cultural Center today.  Then I went with Gabby and Mako for a weekend outing - Mako's last weekend in Hawaii.

9/1/13 - Mako had to enjoy the beauty of Kawala Bay before going back to the mainland, so we ended out weekend out at this beautiful place.

 9/2/13 - Traveling to visit my friend in Maui... forgot to take a picture today but I did take this screenshot and it's the best thing I have. :-)

9/3/13 - Hiked through the Bamboo Forest today.  GORGEOUS!

9/4/13 - Did some playing with Ashley and spent the afternoon in Lanai.

9/5/13 - Went to watch the sunrise at Haleakalā.  It was SO cold but gorgeous.  We then went and had yummy cream puffs.

9/6/13 - Another cheat.  I didn't take an actual picture today but I did do this screenshot of a comic I found hilarious to send to a friend.

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