21 October 2013

SHIELD yourself project - Post 1

This semester my major project is a group one.  I'm working with 3 of my friends to put on a seminar on domestic violence and general safety.  We're really excited for it.  This stemmed from a talk I had with a friend concerning domestic violence - she didn't know what she would do if she found herself in that situation.  I figured that she must not be the only one and then this project was born.

Our first commercial has been posted and our second one will be posted later this week.  Join the Facebook group SHIELD yourself for updates and the latest videos.

If you're in Hawaii please come!  It'll be November 13, 2013 at 7:00 PM at BYU-Hawaii campus room MPC 101.

Here's some stills and behind the scenes information from the first filming session:

Not sure how we came up with the idea of a silent movie type of commercial, 
but it happened during our last meeting.

The music is from 1910 Frankenstien, in fact, this is the music is from the 
scene that Dr. Frankenstien is creating his monster.

Chris was having a hard time being angry and mean.  He'd start and then start laughing.  

H was having little too much, he forgot to pretend to be scared.

J did this great sequence that I wasn't expecting.

J, H, and G are having a little too much fun...

Taylor did a great job!  So committed to the role.

I usually don't make pregnant ladies get on the ground for projects. :-)

Check back for commercial #2!


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